Halloween, my favorite holiday

Oct 30, 2007 by

HalloweenHalloween has to be my favorite holiday. There is a caveat to that statement however. Halloween is my favorite holiday as an adult. As a child my favorite holiday was Christmas. I liked Christmas best as a child because of all the presents and the fact that there was often snow on the ground. I like Halloween best as an adult because there is no gift buying associated with it and there is never snow on the ground. I loved snow as a child but have a love hate relationship with it as an adult. I liked to trick-or-treat as a child but the presents at Christmas beat the pants off the candy at Halloween. I also like the movies that are shown around Halloween better than the movies that are shown around Christmas. How can anyone not like the 13 days of horror movies that AMC and the SciFi channel show around Halloween? Even though we have no trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood, I still enjoy Halloween and always have a couple of bags of candy around just in case a stray kid shows up on our doorstep. For anyone interested in the history and circumstances of Halloween, Wikipedia has a great article on it. Also check out the History Channel online for a great site devoted to Halloween. BTW, at work tomorrow we are going to celebrate Halloween by having a chili tasting contest. There are going to be six entries and I am providing corn muffins, which I will be baking as soon as I finish this post. I just hope they have plenty of Alka-Seltzer and Tucks medicated pads on hand to mitigate the aftereffects of me eating six different kinds of chili. So HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone!

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