Rewired – A post-cyberpunk anthology

Nov 14, 2007 by

RewiredI saw this anthology on Amazon and thought it sounded pretty interesting, so I added it to my wish list. Now I see a review of the same anthology on Boing Boing. Editors James Patrick Kelly and John Kessel have rounded up sixteen inspiring, mind-altering stories written since cyberpunk’s heyday ended and the”post-cyberpunk” era began. Being a William Gibson fan I enjoy reading cyberpunk books. Some of the anthology’s writers include William Gibson, Jonathan Lethem, Gwyeneth Jones, Hal Duncan, Elizabeth Bear, Cory Doctorow, Bruce Sterling and Charlie Stross. Now that I have read a little more about the anthology I am taking the book off my wish list and adding it to my shopping cart. BTW, I am using a Firefox plugin called Scribe Fire to post this review to my WordPress blog. It allows me to compose posts while I am looking at a site and without even having to login to the administrator page of my WordPress installation. I can copy and paste text from a site, link to photos, add tags from my blog, and then publish it all directly to my blog.

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