Poor mans online photo editing software

Jan 9, 2008 by

If you are like me and take lots of digital photos you spend a lot of time in the post processing process. I currently use Adobe Lightroom for my photo editing and it works very well for me. I would like to use Photoshop CS3 but I cannot afford the high cost of the software. You could use Photoshop Elements instead but it still costs a lot. So if you need to edit some photos but can’t afford an expensive photo editing package, Picnik.com might be the ideal solution for you. Picnik offers free online photo editing that is fairly intuitive and easy to use. While it is not as powerful as Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop CS3, it does offer the basic tools of photo editing. With Picnik you can choose from Auto-fix, rotate, crop, resize, exposure, colors, sharpen, and red-eye. For an extra $24.95 a year you get more advanced editing tools including the use of curves. Just upload your photos, edit them, and then save or share the finished product. You can also add effects, text, shapes, and do touch-ups. In fact Picnik offers almost every tool you will need to produce great photos from your raw images. One significant benefit of Picnik or any other online photo editing application is that you can edit your photos from any computer, whether at home or on the road. That is something I can’t do with Adobe Lightroom. Is this the future of photo editing? It sure looks promising to me.

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