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On Friday CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) hosted a “Spiritual Gifts Seminar.” On Friday’s 700 Club, ministers from around the world used Skype to join the show live and share their thoughts and prayers. When the broadcast ended the conversation continued with users going to a special  web page where message boards were used to continue the conversation. This is just the latest in a culmination of technological developments and social trends that hold immeasurable significance for church’s and religion as a whole.

In his best selling book The Tipping Point Malcolm Gladwell talks about how seemingly average social trends can have world changing implications. According to Mr. Gladwell the “tipping point’” is the event that turns a social fad into a cultural phenomenon.

It’s the name that is given to that moment in an epidemic when a virus reaches critical mass. It’s the boiling point. It’s the moment on the graph when the line starts to shoot straight upwards.

The convergence of Web 2.0 technology and faith may have reached that “tipping point.” There are a lot of ministries doing great things through online media. GodTV has played a role in spreading the gospel by broadcasting the Lakeland Revival. 24/ is connecting prayer rooms around the globe. A church in Oklahoma is Webcasting its Sunday morning services to congregations around the globe with LifeChurch.TV. My own church has a great web site. I have been trying to persuade the board to expand the use of the web site as well as possibly setting up a page on MySpace and maybe Facebook.  The Internet is a great way to reach out and have ‘relationships’ with others about faith and religion, especially the young. The desire for relationship is one of the most innate needs that humans have. According to some research on religion on the Internet almost two-thirds of people that go online have done so at some point to seek out religious information.

So now with the Internet and Web 2.0 technologies such as Twitter, Friendfeed, MySpace and Facebook anyone with an Internet connection can be part of what God is doing. One of my favorite pastimes on the Internet is the online world “Second Life”. One of the worlds on Second Life  is devoted to religious conversation. It is a great place to build relationships and discuss faith and religion with people from around the world. So the next time you are on the Internet use some of its amazing capabilities to build relationships and have conversations with others about faith, religion and God.

The author of the article from which much of this post is derived is Jesse Carey. You can check out his blog, The Morning Five.

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