Keep politics out of the Sunday comics.

Sep 14, 2008 by

I recently started to receive the Sunday paper and I have noticed something that I had forgotten about from the last time I had received the Sunday paper. In my Sunday paper the comics section has the title – ” COMICS – Have fun every Sunday!” For the most part that is exactly what I have reading the comics, fun. Whether it is Peanuts, Garfield, Dilbert, Beetle Bailey, Non Sequitur, or the  Wizard of Id, most comics are as fun to read now as they were when I was a child. But some comics have stopped being fun and one in particular has never been fun or funny.

I don’t mind Luann having a character who says when asked if she ponders her future much answers “All the time. There are so many possibilities, Hillary and Barack proved that.” I don’t even mind in Opus when there is a scene where Opus is captured by TSA in the airport for saying he smuggled himself into the country. The next scene shows him being waterboarded by two government types who wonder if pouring water on the face of a penguin is effective. At least it is funny. But when it stops being funny and becomes nothing but a venue for someones political views, it doesn’t need to be in the comic section of the paper. That comic strip is “Doonesbury” by Gary Trudeau.

The strip in this Sundays paper had something to do with the fact that the characters thought that a lot of “Bushies” had a serious war crimes problem, mentioning Cheney, Addington, Rumsfeld, Gonzales, Feith, and the “whole torture crowd.” They then went on trying to figure out how they could tip off authorities about their travel plans abroad so they could be arrested and brought before a tribunal. If there is any fun or humor in any of that I can’t find it. Not to mention the fact that none of what is said has an ounce of truth to it. It is just more of Garry Trudeau’s ranting against the Bush administration and the USA. If newspapers must print Doonesbury, at least put it in the editorial section, not the funnies. I am sure there are many other actual comics that could replace Doonesbury in the Sunday paper.

If Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” was printed in comic strip format would that qualify it to be printed in the comic section of the paper? There are many other formats and venues that can be used if one wants to promote their political views and beliefs. But the Sunday comics section of the paper is not one.

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