Democrats emboldened by election want frivolous law enacted

Nov 11, 2008 by

Democrats, apparently emboldened by the election of Barack Obama and other Democrats, are now talking about new legislation for Congress’ lame duck session  to make it a crime to scalp tickets to the inauguration.  Senator Dianne Feinstein, D-California, worried that some of the 240,000 free tickets to the Presidential inauguration may be scalped, is proposing legislation that will make it a misdemeanor to scalp tickets to the inauguration. Apparently some politicians in DC have little else to do than pass a useless law to cover something for which many local and state laws already exist.

It seems absurd to me to go to all the effort and cost to introduce a law that only makes it illegal to scalp tickets at an inauguration, specifically Barack Obama’s inauguration. This is just another example of politicians who love to create new laws with little justification and which serve no useful purpose. It reminds me of the perennial attempts by many politicians to amend the Constitution to make it illegal to burn the U.S. flag. Despite the argument that burning the U.S. flag is protected as an expression of free speech, it also seems to be a solution is search of a problem. The only flag burning I see occurs outside the United States. As a veteran it makes me angry when I see a flag burned, but I realize that the  flag itself stands as a symbol of the right of those who choose to burn the flag to do so.

I think all the politicians in DC need to focus their time and energy on real problems, like reviving the economy, preserving our environment, and the myriad other obstacles and challenges that face our country.  If Senator Feinstein feels compelled to introduce a new law perhaps she can introduce one that makes it a misdemeanor to introduce frivolous laws to Congress.

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