Radical Greens reject most climate change solutions but offer none of their own

Nov 30, 2008 by

Protesters from the grassroots group Rising Tide North America made news when several members were arrested while protesting construction of a new nuclear reactor in Virginia. One activist, Paxus Calta, was photographed flashing a peace sign while being led away in handcuffs by police. It appears that Mr. Calta’s biggest claim to fame is being arrested in 12 countries on three continents, an accomplishment for which he seems to be proud.

Rising Tide isn’t protesting the causes of global warming as much as the solutions. It is against clean coal, nuclear power and carbon offsets. It disdains the compromise and collaboration between the Big 10 environmental groups and corporations, as well as the view that technology can save the environment. In fact Rising Tide seems to be against everything while at the same time offering no alternative solutions. Rising Tide even opposes other environmental groups such as the Sierra Club. While the Sierra Club thinks it is absolutely essential to turn the corporate sectors into responsible environmental citizens, Rising Tide seems to think the answer lies in protesting everything and everybody.

As Eric Hendrixson, the director of safety and licensing at Virginia Dominion’s North Anna Power Station looked on while the protests took place he had little respect for the group.

If there was a perfect solution, it would have arrived. What I don’t respect are individuals who voice their opinion out of ignorance.

Duke Energy spokesperson Tom Williams called them completely ineffective. Williams said the real way to be part of the solution is to participate in the permitting process, not protest while providing no solutions of your own. Rising Tide seems to be a group of people who have a lot of passion and energy but are wasting it in meaningless protest while bringing nothing constructive to the table. Instead of protesting proposed methods of helping combat global warming Rising Tide should put their time and energy into promoting their own solutions to the problem. If you don’t have a better solution to a problem then spend your time trying to find one instead of wasting your time knocking the other persons solution.

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