It’s time to fight back against attacks on the 2nd Amendment

May 6, 2009 by

second amendmentNow that the most anti-gun President ever is in office and has surrounded himself with an equally zealous anti-gun cabinet, it is time for everyone who is as concerned about their 2nd amendment rights as I am to become a citizen activist. With Attorney General Holden pushing to reinstate the Assault Weapons ban and H.R. 45 Blair Holt being pushed by the Democrats, it is no longer sufficient to simply join the NRA or a state advocacy group such as the VCDL.

Congressman Trent Franks (R-AZ) wrote a guest editorial in the June issue of Guns & Ammo magazine in which he set forth a few practical steps that you as an average citizen can take that will help you calmly, credibly and persuasively educate others about the 2nd amendment and undo the ignorance that is most often at the root of differences in opinion over this amendment.

Congressman Franks quotes Margaret Thatcher who put it quite simply.

First you win the argument, then you win the vote.

The steps put forward by Congressman Franks are:

  • Commit to educating yourself thoroughly on the issue.

  • Write an op-ed or letter to the editor in your local and national papers.

  • Start a blog on the topic and network with other 2nd amendment bloggers.

  • Form a local working group with other citizens who want to advocate for your issue.

  • Start a petition. Post the petition on your website or blog.

  • Coordinate with your working group to take out an educational, informative ad in the local paper.

  • Call your local as well as national talk radio shows.

  • Make sure you take the time to call or write your Congressional Representatives in the House and Senate.

  • Lastly, don’t yield to discouragement. Patient persistence is perhaps the most potent tool in your arsenal as an aspiring activist.

It is up to you to protect your 2nd amendment rights. Don’t expect someone else to do it for you. If you don’t take personal responsibility someday the government will come knocking on your door and take away your right to defend yourself and your family. As Samuel Adams stated,

It does not take a majority to prevail …. but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.

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