Medicare for All is another bad Obama idea.

Jun 26, 2009 by


1. Medicare for All will create shortages in health care services forcing providers to ration care and increase wait times for patients (12-18 month wait in other countries)

2. Currently, Americans do not pay taxes on employer provided health insurance benefits. If you have health insurance through your company, you are about to be taxed on those plans. The Government will require all Americans have health
insurance and impose FINES on those who do not.

3. The REAL GOAL: Government insurance seeks to eventually squeeze out and eliminate private health insurance companies altogether, forcing Americans to become dependent on a “one plan fits no one” Medicare system.

4. The Government will have access to and control over your health records intruding into the privacy and confidentiality of the doctor patient relationship. We all know how the Government handles confidential information.

5. The current Medicare and Medicaid programs are flawed and full of corruption.
What will happen when we add another 100 million Americans to the program?

6. The President’s current plan will add another TRILLION dollars to the deficit.
Another government program on an already strained economy will bankrupt the
United States.

7. How will Congress pay for their new plans? TAXES. The President campaigned
that 95% of Americans would receive a tax cut. However Democrats are now
planning to increase taxes on everything from sugar to cigarettes as well as creating
new taxes, such as Value Added Tax.

8. No one in the country is currently denied access to health care so why is the
President rushing a plan for socialized medicine without thoughtful debate and
consideration? The Government should not be allowed to tell you what health care
you are entitled to and how to live your life.

9. Government controlled health care takes the decision making out of the hands of
individuals and families and puts it in the hands of politicians in Washington.

10. What legal recourse will you have if the government denies you or a loved one
medical care? None.

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