Van Jones downfall came from his own words and actions, not smear campaign

Sep 8, 2009 by

The sudden resignation of one of the dozens of Czars that President Obama has appointed since taking office has highlighted the fact that many Americans are no longer going to remain silent and submit to anything that the White House wants to ram down our throats.

Van Jones, the White House green jobs czar, resigned over the Labor Day weekend amid mounting criticism of some of his past words, actions, and political views. Some of his past radical activities and recent controversial stances attracted the attention of many conservatives, including Glenn Beck of Fox News. While Jones is considered a rising star in environmental circles, questions about his fitness for a White House-level office were raised when some of his past speeches and radical affiliations surfaced.

In order to clarify most of the criticisms that were raised I will simply list them below. If you want any further details on any of the items you can easily find more information from numerous sources.

  • Jones was a self-described communist during the 1990s and previously worked with a group dedicated to Marxist and Leninist philosophies.

  • Many of his recent and past comments have been racially charged and divisive.

  • He advocated for the release of convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal.

  • He injected race into the Columbine school massacre by saying that “You’ve never seen a Columbine done by a black child. Never.”

  • He has accused white businesses of polluting black neighborhoods.

  • He signed a petition on the web site suggesting that the Bush administration had deliberately allowed 9/11 to happen.

  • He famously called Republicans “assholes” in a videotaped speech this year.

  • Active in black nationalist movement.

In fact, Van Jones’s whole recent history is one of divisive, incendiary, and counter-productive statements and actions. Many people, both Republican and Democrat, have questioned how anyone like Van Jones could have been vetted for such an important position given his past statements and actions. The answer to that can be found in the fact that his two biggest supporters in Washington are the First Lady and the Vice President. I guess the vetting process results were thrown out the window in light of support like that.

The fact that the First Lady and Vice President supported Van Jones is very troubling. Are Van Jones’s beliefs and values shared by Michelle Obama and Joe Biden? For the sake of our country I hope his views are not shared by them. Another disturbing fact is that the whole controversy was completely ignored by most major newspapers and media outlets. If it wasn’t for Glenn Beck of Fox News and other conservative media, Van Jones would still be serving as the White House green jobs czar.

Van Jones is just one in a long list of White House appointees with a questionable past. I have lost track of how many tax cheats are serving in positions of importance in the Obama administration. Apparently Obama continues to think that the silent majority will continue to remain silent. This view despite evidence to the contrary in the form of a huge grassroots movement that is trying to convey the message to the Obama administration that we will no longer be silent on issues of national defense, health care, out of control spending, a burgeoning government bureaucracy, arrogance, and scorn for those who oppose Obama policies. I hope the upcoming 9/12 rally in DC this weekend will help drive home that message.

Evidence of the arrogance and disdain that many in the Obama administration have for those who oppose many of his policies and political appointments comes from Van Jones himself. In a sharply worded statement, Jones assailed his critics.

On the eve of historic fights for health care and clean energy, opponents of reform have mounted a vicious smear campaign against me. They are using lies and distortions to distract and divide.

I would submit that the only lies and distortions are those that come from Van Jones himself. His past words and actions speak for themselves. You cannot smear someone by using the facts and ones own words and deeds. It is the proponents of reform who have taken up the tactics of lies and distortions to promote their own objectives. Their message is that it is either our way or the highway. The no longer silent majority begs to differ.

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