It’s Official: Most Americans Make Their Living Off The Government

Mar 10, 2011 by

A widely covered report from TrimTabs Investment Research, based on data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, has found that 35 percent of all earnings are now direct transfer payments from the government. According to CNBC, “social welfare benefits make up 35 percent of wages and salaries this year, up from 21 percent in 2000 and 10 percent in 1960.”

But the real story is much worse. Nearly 8% of Americans work directly for the government while an additional 9.6% of Americans work as contractors for the government. Taken together, more than half of all Americans make their living directly from the government. “We have reached a tipping point,” says Grassfire Nation’s Steve Elliott. “That’s why what is happening in Wisconsin could have huge ramifications. Unless citizens stand now for less government and fiscal restraint, the government-dependent class will demand more and more government and our nation will be destroyed from within.”

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  1. But according to a different yardstick the federal governments reach is expanding.Slightly over half of all Americans 52.6 percent now receive significant income from government programs according to an analysis by Gary Shilling an economist in Springfield N.J. If the trend continues the percentage could rise within ten years to pass 55 percent where it stood in 1980 on the eve of Presidents Reagans move to scale back the size of government.That two-decade shrink-the-government trend now appears over if for no other reason than demographics.

  2. Instead of printing paper money, tax the rich until they squeak! There is plenty of money in this country, and TOTAL TAXES ARE 16% OF THE ECONOMY, the lowest since WWII. We’d have plenty of money to fund government and SS and Medicare if the rich paid their share.

  3. Shady

    So by what you said you, it is ok by you to tax the rich and give it to the Government, is that about right? How much more of my money should give? I guess 15% more or would 25% more be ok.

    I WORKED MY BUTT off to earn what I did. Now you want me to take my money and give it to a bunch of dead beats on well fare. If you think I am going to supplement dead beats I am not. Also I do not subscribe to socialism or Marxism. I am a capitalist pure and simple. If you want to redistribute your money go ahead, I will not.


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