Why You Hate Fox News

Sep 18, 2012 by

I have noticed for some time how many liberals hate Fox News and spend inordinate amounts of time mocking and denigrating it. After some thought I think I have a reason for their hatred and disdain. It isn’t that what Fox News says or reports is necessarily wrong, misguided, or distorted, rather it is that they say anything at all.

Many liberals base their political and moral viewpoints on what I would describe as thin ice. The facts, rationale, history and perceptions upon which they build their viewpoints are on such shaky ground that any viewpoints, facts, or histories that either do not support their views or directly contradict them cannot be allowed to see the light of day. Since liberals cannot do anything to actually stop these contrary viewpoints from reaching others, they choose to instead vilify and discredit the messenger. Their rationale is that if the messenger is labeled as biased, dishonest, a nut job, or some other such adjective or noun, then the message must likewise be tainted.

If you as a liberal truly believed your political and moral viewpoints are valid and based on substantial facts, histories and other data, you would welcome other viewpoints and beat them against your views and come back convinced that you were right all along. The opposing viewpoints, in other words, would reinforce your viewpoints as being valid. But since too many liberals viewpoints will not stand up to this type of scrutiny and analysis, it is much easier to just dismiss the messenger so you will not have to exercise your mind and reinforce and re-validate your own viewpoints.

In other words, the best defense is to have no defense at all for your beliefs. Much easier to demonize the messenger. So carry on all Fox News haters, and don’t forget to get in a shot at Fox News either here or on Twitter, Facebook or Google+. I expect nothing less.



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