Birthday and the New Year

Jan 24, 2015 by

January 27th will be my 66th birthday. I have been retired since April of 2008. So far retirement has been pretty much what I expected. I spend my time between walking my dog Max, doing social media, reading, including the Bible and my daily devotionals, and going to the gym. I spend a bit every day doing various church work.

A few things I want to do this year include travel, more study time, and shooting my guns. I have not been to the outdoor range in a couple of years. I want to join the Nansemond Suffolk shooting range so I can shoot my M4, AK47, M1 carbine, Mossberg shotgun, and my Mosin Nagant. I really miss shooting them. I have only fired my handguns in the indoor range in Norfolk.

The reason I haven’t gone to an outdoor range is that they are so far away. One is in Wakefield and the other in Pungo, both over an hour drive. The Nansemond Suffolk range will be much closer.

As for travel, I really want to go to Alaska. It is the one state that, although I have been to it briefly while traveling to Vietnam, have always wanted to visit. It is one of the last remaining wilderness areas in America. I have been to the Rockies and was thrilled by them but Alaska will be so much more.

I hope to be able to realize all my aspirations this year but as with everything, things seldom go as you wish or plan. But I am ever hopeful. Wish me luck in the New Year. I wish the same for you.



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