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Meizu MX4

Meizu MX4

As a birthday present to myself, I have been wanting to get a new tech. toy. At first I wanted a mini-pc running Android or Windows 8.1. The one I wanted was the HP Stream Mini, which was just announced at the 2015 CES. Fortunately (as it turned out) the Mini sold out almost immediately and has been unavailable since. As I was looking for alternatives I came across a smartphone that really appealed to me.

I currently have a Nexus 4 smartphone and have been very pleased with it. I use it all the time but it is not ideal for a number of things due to its limited screen size. For tasks where my smartphone isn’t an ideal solution I use my Amazon 8.9 HD tablet. The Amazon is OK but it has only 1 gig of memory and is a bit slow sometimes. I also dropped it and it now has a crack across the entire screen.

When I saw the Meizu MX4 I realized I had found the ideal solution to my problem. With a bigger screen than my current smartphone, more RAM and storage space, an octa-core processor, 20.7 mega-pixel camera, and a 3100 mAh battery it would be a perfect replacement for both my old Nexus and my Amazon tablet.

This phone has amazing specifications and it is also unlocked. With a retail price of only $329 from it is a great deal. I am hoping it will arrive by DHL next week. I plan on giving my Nexus to Teresa as she has always wanted a smartphone. I am also going to switch from my current carrier Straight Talk to Cricket. Cricket has announced a new service plan which matches my current plan and is $13 cheaper. I hope the phone is everything I expect it to be.

Besides my Nexus having a smaller screen, it also has a much smaller battery and only an 8 mega-pixel camera. The battery life and picture quality, along with the screen size, are the main reasons I am anxiously awaiting the new Meizu. The only thing I am unsure of is the operating system for the Meizu is a Chinese version of Android 4.4.4 called Flyme 4. I don’t think it will be that much different from the stock version of Android that is on my current Nexus.

Once I receive my new smartphone and have a chance to use it I will post a review. Until then I am waiting for delivery!

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