Bias against blogs and other social media continues.

Jul 21, 2008 by

Apparently a lot of local and state governments do not consider blogs and other social media sources as proper media outlets for press releases. A friend of mine who has a blog that covers Virginia politics recently requested that the cities of Portsmouth and Suffolk add him to the mailing list for press releases. Both cities gave a less than enlightened reply. I won’t get into the details but will let you read them for yourselves.When will the MSM and government agencies catch on to the journalism revolution?

Scott’s Morning Brew

Inside Suffolk Virginia

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Two great photography resources.

Apr 3, 2008 by


Thomas Hawk’s blog turned me on to two great resources for photographers. The first resource is TWIP (This Week In Photography). TWIP is a web site with great articles about photography as well as a photography podcast along the lines TWIT (This Week In Tech), a favorite podcast of mine hosted by Leo Laporte. The other resource is a photography blog by Ryan Brenizer. Ryan’s blog covers a wide range of photography topics and has lots of Ryan’s great photos showcased as well. I will be visiting both sites regularly as well as Thomas Hawk’s site.

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