My Low Tech Car

Jan 9, 2015 by

When I bought my 2010 Honda Element I didn’t do much in the way of adding upgrades. Basically, as far as tech upgrades went, all I had was an FM/AM radio with a CD player. At the time that was all I thought I needed. But today there are so many cool tech things you can add to your car that I don’t need but wouldn’t mind having or at least have the ability to add.

With my smartphone and a good mount, I have added GPS which I use all the time. I don’t try to text or make or answer calls while I am driving so I have no desire to add tech to allow me to do that safely, if it can be done safely. I added a dashboard camera to record my driving in case of an accident and I loved that. But someone stole it and I don’t plan on replacing it.

One piece of tech that I added that I didn’t want to add was an EZPass device so I could pay the new tolls that were imposed on all the bridges and tunnels in the area. But yesterday I did see something that I would have loved to install except I have neither a USB port norĀ a 3.5mm auxiliary jack. It would have allowed me to play music from my smartphone through my car stereo system. That would be nice, but as it stands now if I want to do something similar I would have to get a bluetooth speaker to connect to my smartphone, not the ideal solution.

There is a heads up display device that looks pretty cool, but I am afraid that would distract me too much from my driving. It’s just as well, I don’t drive all that much anyway and I really could better spend my money elsewhere. But the geek it me still cries out….

01carbluetooth navdy-002


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