North Korea moons the world.

Apr 7, 2009 by

nkrocketWith the launch of yet another long range rocket North Korea demonstrated how easy it is to defy the world. Backed by Russia and China, as well as other member countries of the United Nations, North Korea continues with its policy of intimidation, threats and false promises. North Korea has promised time and again to abandon its nuclear ambitions for concessions which the United States and South Korea have been only too eager to concede.

The initial response of the United Nations to the launch was weak. It essentially only reaffirms Resolutions 1695 and 1718. Even before the launch U.S. Special Envoy Stephen Bosworth revealed that he was ready to visit Pyongyang and resume the six-partly talks. No wonder North Korea felt it had nothing to fear from launching its rocket. To make matters worse Secretary of Defense Robert Gates recently announced deep cuts in the U.S. Missile defense program as well as the F-22 Raptor program.

While all this is going on you can be sure that Iran is carefully monitoring the responses of the United States as well as the United Nations. It would hardly be surprising if Iran decided to ramp up the pressure on the new administration in Washington. Iran sees an American president so ready to bend his knee for public favor in Europe that the mullahs’ push for U.S. concessions will rapidly grow.

And lets not forget what kind of message the lack of any significant U.S. or U.N. response is sending to Israel. The new administration in Israel is probably drawing the conclusion that it should look our for No. 1 first and not hold its breath waiting for Mr. Obama to do anything about Iran. If the U.S. and the U.N. continually use only the carrot and never show North Korea a big stick, it will only embolden the criminal regime in North Korea while at the same time send a dangerous message to other countries in the world like Iran, Russia and China that they have little to fear from either the United States or the United Nations.

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